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Founded in 1994, our company specializes in 'Adhesives.'

We are now the largest manufacturer in Asia with three factory zones located within the Minxiong Industrial Park in Chiayi County. In 2001 (Year 90 of the ROC), we completed our experimental production line and successfully developed a variety of products including thread lockers (anaerobic adhesives), industrial adhesives, medical device adhesives, and nail glues.

For our achievements, we have been honored with the Small Giant Award and the Innovation Research Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

We believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our company. We look forward to talent from diverse fields joining our ranks, becoming partners in our solutions, and growing with us toward sustainable management.

  1. Newcomer Training

    Our new employees are systematically trained through a form system, which provides a clear learning blueprint to progressively enrich their professional knowledge and skills

  2. Professional Training

    For our professionals, we offer information on internal and external training courses, resources, and educational subsidies, encouraging our colleagues to develop the professional abilities or management skills required at various career stages.

  3. On-the-job Training

    Focused on the skills needed for daily management, we ensure that our colleagues' work competencies are assessed, with targeted coaching provided to address any gaps, thereby enhancing work quality.

  4. Self-Development

    Aligned with our corporate culture and organizational development needs, we provide various educational opportunities to our colleagues, assisting them in broadening their learning dimensions and unlocking their work-related potential.

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2019 Employee Travel-Cruise Japan Trip

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