Corporate Philosophy corporate philosophy

  1. Adhesives Expert

  2. Continual product innovation and quality enhancement

  3. A culture of vitality, cleanliness, and responsibility

  4. Caring for and giving back to society

  5. Rooted in Taiwan with a global perspective

Vision Statement

Bonding Composite Materials and Various Materials, Assisting in Achieving Product Lightweighting

Effectively reducing product weight can reduce manufacturing costs, improve energy efficiency, and enhance product aesthetics.

Product R&D design engineers are seeking the application of new lightweight materials, but bonding two different materials can be quite difficult.

MXBON Adhesive has high bonding strength, excellent durability, and diverse product selection, which can be used for bonding composite materials, plastics, metals, and other lightweight materials, helping you achieve product lightweighting goals.

Vision Statement

Contribution to the SDGs

11 Sustainable Development Goals: 1、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、12、13、16