Anaerobic Adhesives: Unveiling the Versatile Features of MXBON Industrial Adhesives featured-en

Applications of Anaerobic Adhesives

  • Locking and Loosening Prevention: Anaerobic adhesives are used to lock metal screws, preventing them from loosening due to vibrations. Pre-applied anaerobic adhesives offer a convenient and quick solution for anti-loosening.
  • Sealing and Leak Prevention: Replacing traditional solid gaskets, anaerobic adhesives provide long-lasting sealing effects on flange faces and threaded pipe joints.
  • Fixing and Positioning: Used for the positioning and fixation of cylindrical parts, such as securing bearings to shafts, anaerobic adhesives reduce the need for high machining precision, thus enhancing assembly efficiency.
  • Filling and Leak Plugging: Low-viscosity anaerobic adhesives are suitable for filling microporosities and defects in castings and pressure castings, offering an effective method for sealing repairs.

Method of Use

  • Surface Preparation: Cleaning, degreasing, derusting, and appropriate roughening are crucial for enhancing adhesive strength. Special materials may require a primer.
  • Applying Adhesive: Apply directly or indirectly to the surfaces to be bonded; for bolts, simply apply to the threads.
  • Assembly: Assemble quickly after application and rotate parts to ensure even distribution of the adhesive.
  • Cleanup: After curing, remove any uncured residue with a dry cloth or acetone.

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Precautionary Measures for Using Anaerobic Adhesives

When working with anaerobic adhesives, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are some important precautions:

  1. Rapid Assembly: It is crucial to complete the assembly quickly once the adhesive has been applied. This prevents the adhesive from prematurely curing before the components are properly positioned.
  2. Dry Working Environment: Ensure that the working environment is dry. Anaerobic adhesives require the absence of air (specifically oxygen) to cure properly, and moisture can interfere with this process, affecting the adhesive’s effectiveness.
  3. Suitability for Specific Materials or Large Areas: For special materials or applications involving large areas, it is vital to select the appropriate type of anaerobic adhesive and curing conditions. Different formulations of anaerobic adhesives may be required to accommodate various material properties or extensive coverage areas to ensure strong, reliable bonding and sealing.

Product Highlights from MXBON

MXBON Thread Lockers:

A single-component self-hardening fixative, MXBON Thread Lockers effectively fills the gaps between threads, replacing traditional spring washers, double nuts, and other mechanical locking devices. This product not only simplifies product design but also prevents corrosion, jamming, loosening, and leaking of screw fittings, significantly reducing maintenance time and permanently ensuring the safety of screw assemblies.

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MXBON Retaining Compound Sealant:

Designed specifically for the assembly of various metal cylindrical components like bearings, bushings, and pins, MXBON Retaining Compound Sealant enables easy press-fit or slip-fit assemblies. Its strong load transfer capacity and high resistance to torsion and shearing ensure components do not loosen due to rotation or vibration, lowering the precision requirements for part machining and reducing the stress associated with press-fit assemblies.

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MXBON Thread Sealant:

A room-temperature curing anaerobic adhesive suitable for fixing and sealing metal threaded pipes. MXBON Thread Sealant effectively fills the gaps between metal parts and threads, preventing leaks and withstanding pipeline pressure. It resists thermal expansion, contraction, and vibrations, is easy to use, and offers resistance against various oils, mild acids, and alkalis, preventing rust and providing an efficient sealing solution.

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MXBON Gasketing Sealant:

An instantly forming anaerobic gasket sealant, MXBON Gasketing Sealant is suitable for a wide range of flat surfaces, replacing traditional gaskets. Its solvent-free composition, high viscosity, and pressure resistance make it an ideal choice for simplifying processes and reducing defect rates. MXBON Gasketing Sealant completely fills contact surfaces, effectively preventing leaks and corrosion, eliminating the need to consider gasket thickness, and providing an efficient and economical sealing solution.

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These four product series demonstrate MXBON’s expertise and innovation in the field of anaerobic adhesives, providing robust support and solutions whether for industrial manufacturing or everyday maintenance.