Thread Sealant threaded sealant

MXBON Thread Sealant is a single-component, anaerobic adhesive sealant. Free of solvents and curable at room temperature, it is designed for use with metal threaded pipe fittings. It offers robust fastening and sealing capabilities for metal pipe systems, filling the gaps between metal components and threads to prevent leakage. It withstands pressure from pipeline bursts and averts loosening or leakage due to thermal variations or vibrations.

Application of MXBON Thread Sealant to pipe and joint threads ensures comprehensive, durable sealing and leakage prevention. Resilient against shrinkage, fracture, and ageing, it does not obstruct pipeline systems and resists corrosion from various oils, weak acids, and bases, thereby delivering rust-resistant sealing.

Thread Sealant


MXBON Threaded Pipe Sealant satisfies diverse pipe system sealing needs, from gas and liquid transport pipelines to pneumatic, hydraulic, and drinking water pipelines.

It offers effective fastening, sealing, superior chemical resistance, and pressure tolerance, serving as an efficient alternative to traditional sealing tape methods.

Seal the Deal with MXBON Thread Sealant


  • 13542

    Low viscosity, thixotropic, medium to low viscosity pneumatic, find thread

    General-purpose, suitable for small diameter precision threads.

    Dedicated for sealing pneumatic connectors.

  • 13545

    Medium viscosity, low strength, precision pipelines, fine thread

    No filler, it will not block valves and filtration systems.

    For the sealing and locking of cone and thread fittings.

    Dedicated for sealing hydraulic and pneumatic pipe joints.

  • 13554

    Medium to low viscosity, high strength, chemical resistance, fine thread

    Excellent chemical solvent resistance.

    Used for sealing refrigeration pipe joints.

    Large diameter pipelines (2 inches).

  • 13565

    Gel-like low strength NT&NPT coarse thread

    Easy to dismantle.

    Fast sealing, and assembly lubricity.

    Specifically for sealing npt & pt tapered pipe joints.

  • 13567

    Gel-like, low strength, heat resistance, coarse thread

    Easy to dismantle.

    Fast sealing, and assembly lubricity.

    Resistant to high temperatures up to 250°C, excellent solvent resistance, able to fix and seal tapered pipe threads and connectors (including high-pressure pipes).

    Especially suitable for stainless steel piping systems.

  • 13577

    High viscosity, thixotropic, medium strength, general-purpose, rapid curing

    Fast curing, with assembly lubricity.

    Applicable to most pipe systems.

    The best choice for pipe sealing products.


Item No. Appearance Viscosity
N-m (lb-in)
(Psi) Working Temp.
Fixture Time Fully Cured NSF
13542 Brown 400-800
10,000 -54℃-150℃ 30min 24hrs
13545 Purple 9,000-20,000 4
10,000 -54℃-150℃ 30min 24hrs
13554 Red 1,500-3,500 19
10,000 -54℃-150℃ 20min 24hrs
13565 White 175,000-525,000 3
10,000 -54℃-150℃ 30min 24hrs
13567 Sand white 280,000-800,000 7
10,000 -54℃-250℃ 3hrs 24hrs
13577 Yellow 16,000-33,000
10,000 -54℃-150℃ 20min 24hrs
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