The Second Taiwan International Model Open Competition - Taichung Weei Cup 2024/4/6-7 exhibition-en


The Second Taiwan International Model Open Competition – Taichung Weei Cup, scheduled for April 6th-7th, 2024, is honored to have Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd. as its title sponsor, infusing the event with additional vitality and professional resources. This collaboration reflects Cartell Chemical’s ongoing support for professional cultural competitions and our commitment to creating a better environment for model enthusiasts and creators. We look forward to meeting everyone at the Taichung World Trade Center Hall 2 and witnessing this celebration of creativity and passion in model making!

Event Overview

The Second Taichung Weei Cup International Model Open Competition stands as a benchmark event for the model community in Central Taiwan, led by veteran model creators and gathering model enthusiasts and professionals from both domestic and international circles in the new and spacious Taichung International Exhibition Hall. This year, the competition presents an unprecedented scale and level of professionalism, offering participants an excellent platform to showcase their talents, share their passion, and exchange ideas.

The first Taichung Weei Cup Model Competition was successfully held at Huiwen Elementary School.

Competition Categories :

Adult Category : University students and above are to register in the adult category.

Military Vehicles Category : Includes wheeled and tracked military vehicles, soft-top vehicles, artillery, land-based missiles, and various platforms.

Ships Category : Both military and civilian surface and underwater vessels of all types, including all types of shipborne weapons.

Aircraft Category : Military and civilian helicopters, propeller aircraft, jet aircraft, etc.

Figure Category : Full body, bust, fantasy, military, non-military, monsters, GK, custom, modified figures, etc.

Diorama Category : Military, non-military, land, sea, air, modern, non-modern, sci-fi, retro, etc.

Civilian Category : All kinds of cars, motorcycles, trains, architectural models, etc., that are not military or sci-fi.

Sci-Fi Category : Japanese and American robots, aircraft from sci-fi movies, TV, and animations, etc.

Original Creation Category: No theme limitation, both hand-carved and 3D creations are welcome.

Youth Category : Junior high to high school students with student ID can register.

Children’s Category : Open to elementary school students up to 6th grade, with any subject matter and accompanied by a guardian or teacher.

Highlights and wonderful works from the first Taichung Weei Cup.

Event Highlights:

Expanded Scale : This edition sees a record number of participants and entries (about 400 registrants and 750 submissions), combined with a professional jury of 70 members from both domestic and international circles, showcasing widespread enthusiasm and high-quality competition.

Generous Prizes : Numerous sponsors offer a variety of prizes, including overseas competition tickets, to motivate outstanding creators to pursue international acclaim.

Mini 4WD Racing and Modification Display : Taiwan’s first to perfectly combine speed and creativity, highlighting the unique charm of modified car models.

National Military Equipment Display and Drill Activity : An exhibition and drill of our country’s army, navy, and air force equipment, offering the public a rare interactive experience.

Rich Brand Booth Exhibition : Nearly a hundred model supply brands and club booths participate, bringing the latest and most unique model products to the market.

Cartell Chemical sponsors a European flight ticket for the grand champion of the second Taichung Weei Cup Model Competition.

A list of co-organizers and sponsors for the second Taichung Weei Cup Model Competition.

We sincerely invite you

As the title sponsor of the event, Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd. will showcase its top-tier adhesive products through a series of brand displays and interactive activities, allowing participants to experience them up close. We will set up a “Cartell Model Emergency Station” for on-the-spot product demonstrations and practical demonstrations to strengthen connections with model creators. We eagerly await your presence on April 6th to 7th, 2024, at the Taichung International Exhibition Hall 2, to enjoy this feast of model art and creativity in Central Taiwan together!

Date : April 6th-7th, 2024
Time : 10:00-17:00, until 16:30 on the last day
Location : Taichung World Trade Center (Hall 2)
Address : 60 Tianbao Street, Xitun District, Taichung City 407

For more information, please follow the official Taichung Weei Cup social media for more details and the latest updates about the exhibition.

A group photo at the Weei Cup sponsorship meeting features Mr. Wang Cheng-Yi (left), Chairman Chen Fang-Pin of Cartell Chemical (center), and Mr. Fan Cheng-Bin, consultant of the Taiwan Model Hobby Development Association (right).